The Sri Lanka Cursillo Movement
50 Years of Cursillo (1964 - 2014)



The Post-Cursillo is designed to increase and continue the conversion process and the living out of what is fundamental for being a Christian (a process initiated during the Three Day Cursillo).

The Cursillo Movement is has, from the very beginning, taken the responsibility for providing community for those who become a part of the Cursillo Movement. It is within this community where they will be understood, helped and motivated to grow and share their Christian life together. The Cursillo is able to accomplish this through the Friendship Group Reunions and the Ultreyas.

The basic purpose of the Post Cursillo is to renew, accelerate and continue the conversion of each individual who has experienced the three days. It's objective is the ongoing transformation of the environments for which those individuals are responsible. It primarily provides the means to persevere.

The Post-Cursillo consists of

Group Reunions
Spiritual Direction
School of Leaders

Fundamentally the Post-Cursillo is to be lived out for the rest of our lives!

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The Ultreya (Spanish word meaning Onward) is the larger Cursillo community. It is the time for the members of the Group Reunions to meet with members of other Group Reunions. The Ultreya is also beneficial in providing the support and encouragement that each of us needs.


Group Reunions 

The Group Reunion is a small group of Cursillo friends that meet on a regular basis. The purpose of this meeting is to share with one another the growth that has taken place within each of us. We share our spiritual growth as well as our growth in becoming a person who strives to bring a Christ-like attitude to our environments. This meeting is referred to as a Friendship Group.

As we make attempts to bring Christ into our various environments, we will sometimes become frustrated. The group Reunion also provides the continual support we need in order to persevere as a part of God's plan.

Leaders School

"The Cursillo Movement originated within a School, and it was through the constant and coordinated efforts of the leaders of that School that it acquired its form, as well as its drive toward growth and improvement. The School then is what came first. It was the School that gave birth to the Cursillo Movement, nurtured it, and made it strong enough to survive and branch out into a full fledged movement of the Church. The School has always been and is to this day an element that is essential to the continuity and development of the Movement."


Not really. Palanca is basically the prayers and sacrifices we make for someone or something. Prayer and self-denial are palanca. The others, while they may have the name palanca, are not.

"A good yardstick of a Diocesan Movement is its attitude toward palanca, its overall focus on it, and how the spirit of it is incorporated in the lives of the spiritual advisors and lay leaders. In this regard, a concern for developing a spirit of prayer and self-denial should be the overriding factor.

Within the Movement, we must be vigilant that the term palanca not be misunderstood and abused so that its interior call and meaning is overshadowed by incidental trimmings. Colorful posters and banners are not palanca; neither are flowers, edibles, friendship letters or good wishes. This is false palanca under the guise of "nice things." Prayer and self-denial are not "nice things" but they are more effective in securing God's grace." (L.M. pg. 105)