The Sri Lanka Cursillo Movement
50 Years of Cursillo (1964 - 2014)



The Renewal Programme was organized for the Chilaw Diocese by the Inter-Diocesan Secretariat with the presence of our Chaplain Rev. Fr. Tony Martyn, Chaplain of the Inter Diocesan Secretariat; Rev. Fr. Ignatius Varnakulasingham, our Spiritual Director from the Colombo Diocese; Rev. Fr. Desiderius Medagoda, Chaplain of the Chilaw Diocesan Secretariat; and Rev. Fr. Sarto Nonis and Rev. Fr. Benet Shantha the former Chaplains of the Chilaw Diocese.

A total of 65 participants were present from Chilaw and Colombo.

The Program commenced with an Opening Prayer by the Chaplain of the Cursillo Movement in the Chilaw Diocese. Kanthi Fernando the new President of the Chilaw Diocesan Secretariat delivered the Welcome Address.

The programme was in preparation for the 50th Jubilee Celebration and was introduced by Rev. Fr. Ignatius Varnakulasingham calling us to evaluate our mission in the Church. Olington Fernando spoke about ‘What is Fundamental For Being a Christian’ (WFFBC). Chandima contributed by speaking on ‘Being a backbone to Christian Life’. Sr. Shirani finally gave her input on the Cursillo Leader.

The highlight of this day was the presence His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Valence Mendis, Bishop of Chilaw. He said that the Cursillo is doing a silent service. “You are the salt of the earth” Christ said this to his disciples. It has a big meaning. We need only a little salt for our food. Christ wants us to change the world in a big way but He calls us His ‘little flock’. Though we are not many in number we can do a big job. He then handed over the letters of appointment to the new ChDS Office Bearers. The presence of His Lordship at this event was no doubt very encouraging to us Cursillistas and are grateful to him.

The previous Chaplain of the Chilaw Diocese Rev. Fr. Sarto Nonis and Rev. Fr. Benette Shantha too were present. They went down memory lane reminiscing their past experiences.

Rev. Fr. Medagoda wrapped up the programme saying that we must strengthen our inner life through Personal Prayer, Meditation and Reading the Word. In short he emphasized the need to live a Life in grace and thereby become a Cursillo Leader.

Crescentia briefed the member of the programme planned for the Jubilee year – this being the first of such programmes.

Finally Rohini spoke on the Job Ahead. This was followed by a discussion and some decisions were derived at…

  • Leaders School to be held twice a month
  • The group at Wilpatha to be visited twice a month
  • To cover up the travelling expenses of the Wilpatha group when they attend the Cursllo events at Marawilla
  • To gather-up the cursillstas at Marawila and to encourage them to attend the Cursillo meetings
  • To organize a night vigil for the Cursillstas at Chilaw
  • Try the best to keep the group together and to live the Cursillo message based on the Cursillo Method and Strategy

Fr. Tony Martyn concluded the session challenging the members to be evangelizers as requested by the Bishop of Chilaw. A Donation of Rs.10,000/= was given from the IDS for the extension work
The day programme ended with the VOTE OF THANKS proposed by Sunil Dabarera and the Final Prayer by Sunil Pathiraja